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You will be added to a private Facebook group, this will be where all my training days that i organise, (with me or guest trainers) will be posted. 

They will be posted with a minimum of 24h before they go live on my website or Facebook.

Not only will you get prior warning you will get 24h along with other members from the time i post the training session in the private group to book on, along with other members. 

Just like other training days the spaces aren't unlimited.

After 24h any spaces will be advertised on other social media platforms. 

There may be small discounts on some training days for members too! 

We currently have training days coming from 

Lucy Norton At Skellingthorpe 

Lucy Norton At Melton 

Dan Shaw At Skellingthorpe 

Dave Munnings At Skellingthorpe 

Helen Postle At Skellingthorpe 

Sian Illingworth At Skellingthorpe 

Martin Reid At Skellingthorpe 

Shannon Springford At Skellingthorpe

Neil Ellis At Skellingthorpe 

We are also looking to schedule Hoopers Dates with 

Sarah Hamblin 

We will also be looking at adding other guest trainers too. 

There is PLENTY going on!

This membership will run from the day you book to 31st December 2023 

Sign up to our MEMBERSHIP 2023. Package available to purchase is Training Days.

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